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Online Sound Healing Sessions

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Currently offering sessions on-line from my home to yours on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays for a sliding scale.

Due to meeting remotely, if this is your first time working with me you can RSVP to complete a liability form. 

Email me with any questions:

Using guided breathwork along with the sounds of the singing bowls, this is a practice of deep relaxation. Before we begin, I encourage you to find a comfortable posture (sitting or lying down) being mindful to support your neck & lower back.  

Dress comfortably & use layers to stay warm. Appropriate for all abilities

The sounds from alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls can be impactful on the body and mind including:

  • helping the mind to settle and the brain to enter a peaceful theta (or pre-sleep) state, 
  • the parasympathetic nervous system to relax/taking a break from being in a constant state of fight-flight-freeze, 
  • and the body to access the benefits of deep rest. 

Learn more about the benefits of crystal singing bowls from Psychology Today, The Healing Power of Sound as Meditation.

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