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Join me in Mount Shasta -- root chakra of the earth -- on Samhain for a week long sabbatical. Samhain, the Celtic celebration at the midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, is a powerful turning point of the season. It can be intense and deeply beautiful as we pause to reflect on life’s transitions, offer our hearts and minds spaciousness to prepare for the dark half of the year, and receive ancestral healing.   

Samhain Sabbatical

Mount Shasta, CA
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5, 2023

Day 1 - Monday

  • Arrive

  • Welcome Dinner

Day 3 - Wednesday

  • Samhain Night Sound Walk &    fire ceremony with Joy

Day 5 - Friday

  • 75min morning sound healing & reflection with Joy 

Day 7 - Sunday

  • Closing gratitude circle 

  • Descend from your mountain top experience

Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 4 - Thursday

  • Day of Silent Integration

Day 6 - Saturday

  • 75min morning sound healing & reflection with Joy 

Samhain is a “time to connect to our root energy, to reflect, to journey into our unconscious and the spirit realms. Now we must make time to rest.”  Glennie Kindred, The Earth’s Cycle of Celebration

Programming Fee: $325

Included in this mind-body-heart experience:


  • Welcome Dinner prepared by Chef Peter

  • Breakfast basket for the week 

  • Nature sabbatical wellness gifts

  • Self-guided journaling tools to clarify your intentions and visions

  • Guided group chakra walk to connect with the healing power spots on the land

  • Access to private meditation and stargazing spots including a sacred flowing creek with a cold plunge

  • Guided 2-hour Samhain Night Sound Walk with Celtic contemplation and forest bathing, accompanied by the celestial sounds of alchemy crystal singing bowls

  • Fire ritual to let go of what no longer serves you

  • S P A C I O U S N E S S !

  • Two 75 min community sound healings with Joy to tune into the realms of spirit

  • Closing gratitude circle

What is the Samhain Night Sound Walk?


We will follow the earth as our guide to tune into the slowing down energy of the earth. Allow the sounds of the night and the alchemy crystal singing bowls to carry you into a deep practice of slow meditative walking supported by Mama Shasta. Each person, at their own pace, will “walk-the-rounds” of three of Hestia’s energetic circles. They offer many symbolic opportunities: the land’s chakra points for contemplating your inward journey, transition, and the void; connecting with maiden, mother, and crone energy; and a beautiful stone labyrinth, a dancing oak tree, and fire scorched earth.


Whatever meaning you make of the three circles, you’re invited to approach each with deep listening, as you’re gently guided by the sounds of singing bowls. The vibration/energy of crystal singing bowls can be impactful both physically on the mind/body and energetically on the subtle energy bodies. Gentle attention will be given to the heart chakra of each person walking to support your connection to the energy of the earth and the stars. 


At Hestia Mount Shasta Retreat Center

Nestled among the trees on 5 acres, next to a beautiful creek, Hestia Mount Shasta Retreat Center is intentionally attuned for deep, restorative rest.

There are 4 private 20-foot yurts: 

IrisCedarsongSolstice Moon, and Orion's Belt. Each is sweetly-appointed with a cooking station, meditation/reading spot, heating/cooling, and electricity. Yurts share a common single-stall bathroom and 2 "portal" potties. The Eco-Cabin has a private bathroom.  

Each space is cozy enough for solo travelers and easy to share if you're traveling with others. Depending on the space you choose for 6 nights, the lodging fee is $1,400 - $1,550, per person. 

Click on the links above to learn about each space and connect with Joy with questions. Scholarships are available.

Not Included:

  • travel to Mount Shasta

  • 5 lunches & 5 dinners

Extra Services

  • 1:1 sound healing with Joy

  • Massage, acupuncture, and other wellness services

  • Guided tours to sacred sites around Mount Shasta

  • 1:1 post-retreat integration sessions with Hestia's co-founder


to rest in Mount Shasta

for 7 days + 6 nights

You'll receive more information about preparing for your sabbatical by the beginning of October. 

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