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Sound & Forest Therapy

Practice restorative rest supported by crystal singing bowls &
slow down in nature with a guided forest therapy walk or seasonal retreat.

Online Sound Session

45 min

Practice restorative rest supported by the sounds of crystal singing bowls and notice how you are doing physically and emotionally. In a personalized sound healing session we will focus directly on your energy centers to cleanse and to energize, as needed. 


~ currently unavailable ~


Sound Session

60 min

Join me on Bainbridge Island in a beautiful, spacious studio for a private session where you will be energetically supported by the sounds of crystal singing bowls. We will focus directly on your energy centers to cleanse and to energize, as needed. 




1 - 20 min

Access sound healing rooted in nature anytime. Take breaks with short videos during a busy day to reset; play longer sound clips to relax your nervous system and prepare for a good night of sleep. 




Allow your mind, body, and spirit to sink deeply into the seasonal shift for 4 nights and 5 days during a personal retreat in Mount Shasta. Receive tools to support building your relationship with nature, including a guided 2-hour group practice curated to reflect the energy of the season, a private 1hour outdoor session, the Gratitude Blooming Deck, and self-guided meditations to meet the land.


Celtic Contemplative Walk

This 90 min guided meditative walk blends Celtic contemplation practices and forest therapy. You'll begin by intentionally slowing down to allow your body to sink into your physical senses and to practice seeing the Light of Christ in all beings. As you walk through beautiful grounds and gardens, inspired by the relationships Celtic saints had with nature, allow yourself to shift from doing to being. 


Guided Forest Bathing

This 2hr guided forest therapy walk invites you to slow down, sink into your physical senses, and connect with nature. Schedule your solo or social pod's walk through beautiful trees on Bainbridge Island.  Experience the physical and psychological benefits of being outdoors. Let's connect about your preferred dates and the number of people who want to walk. 

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