Sound Healing & Forest Therapy

Individual Sound Session


45 min

Practice restorative rest supported by the sounds of crystal singing bowls and notice how you are doing physically and emotionally. In a personalized sound healing session we will focus directly on your energy centers to cleanse and to energize, as needed. 

 Live/online sessions are available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Reduced sliding scale for online sessions:

$75 - $55

Community Workshop


30 - 60 min

 Blending guided breathwork, the sounds of crystal singing bowls, and nature imagery I offer trauma-informed workshops, which support folks connecting with their senses, listening to their heart, and practicing restorative rest. I also offer workshops specifically for providers and care-givers to reflect on their self-care plan and practice vicarious trauma release . Get in touch to discuss your community's needs and if an online event is right for you.

Monthly Membership
(live/online + recorded)


You're invited to make sound healing rooted in nature part of your regular self-care. Through a monthly membership you can access the sounds of crystal singing bowls anytime. Take short breaks during a busy day to reset; play longer videos to relax your nervous system and prepare for a good night of sleep. There are options to practice in community once a month and a limited number of memberships that also include a live/online individual sound session. 


Give the gift of restorative rest while supporting a queer, woman-owned, small business. eGift cards can be redeemed for private live/online sessions with individuals and small groups.

Celtic Contemplative Walk
(Next Walk: Oct. 13)

This 90min guided meditative walk blends Celtic contemplation practices and forest therapy. You'll begin by intentionally slowing down to allow your body to sink into your physical senses and to practice seeing the Light of Christ in all beings. As you walk through beautiful grounds and gardens, inspired by the relationships Celtic saints had with nature, allow yourself to shift from doing to being. 

Forest Bathing
(Next Walk: Sept. 22)

This 2hr guided forest therapy walk invites you to slow down, sink into your physical senses, and connect with nature. Schedule your solo walk through beautiful trees and gardens in the East Bay or plan for a small social pod.  Experience the physical and psychological benefits of being outdoors. Please contact me, to let me know how many people you're interested in scheduling for a walk.